DSCF2654About Our Operation

The Hoffman Hereford Ranch is a 3rd generation family owned and operated cow-calf, backgrounding operation. Our livelihood is derived solely from our livestock. Every effort is made to manage our livestock and natural resources in a manner that future generations may benefit. The majority or our pastures are native grasses consisting of green needlegrass, needle and thread, blue stems, and grama’s. Cows are handled primarily on horseback. We do a small amount of farming to provide winter feed for cows and backgrounded calves. Farming practices employed include conventional, minimum, and no-tilling. Principle crops include alfalfa, corn, oats, barley, and soybeans.

COWHERD ~ The bloodlines of our cowherd are Mark Donald and Line One. 300C and 335F are two Mark Donald sires found commonly in our pedigrees. Our polled cows are influenced by Boomer 46B, Tradition 434V, and Wrangler 832W. We strive to produce females that have natural mothering ability, fertility, longevity, and are low maintenance. Problem free udders consisting of correct udder shape and teat size are a priority for longevity to occur. Disposition is an economic trait that is of great importance. The function of our cowherd is to convert grass into pounds weaned per cow with as little additional inputs as possible. Replacement females are pelvic measured, ultra sounded for carcass traits, synchronized and AI’d.

HERDSIRES ~ Herdsires are selected from top herds and expected to breed cows. We strive to keep birth weights in an acceptable range while maximizing weaning and yearling weights. Structure, foot soundness, scrotal circumference, and libido are also necessary traits. Great time and thought goes into our herd bull selection. Our breeding program is not dictated by fads or the current “bull of the month” club.

CALVES ~ We background our calves and purchase additional calves for backgrounding. Calves are fed a growing ration consisting of alfalfa, corn silage, high moisture corn, dried distillers grains, and mineral supplement. We market our steer calves in load lots both privately and through the local auction market. We select only the top 25 percent of the bull calves for our annual consignment sale. We will sell registered and commercial heifer calves by consignment, as well.